A book well-loved

Many fans and collectors are proud of their pristine, early-printing books, but I humbly submit the following for your approval. An old (not sure of the printing, but the appendices stop at N), ratty, well-loved book from 1979 or so. This is my original DMG, the one I brought to school to read on the bus, and the one I still consult to this day. Unless I need to look at Appendix O, of course.

Do you have any similarly well-loved books you still hang on to? Send pics to me at greyhawkgrognard@gmail.com, and maybe I’ll post a follow-up.

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4 thoughts on “A book well-loved

  1. My copy of Temple of Elemental Evil has given up….the pages have all come loose from the cover.
    It is my most – used adventure (although not my favourite).

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