Armies of the Iron League Part Five: Onnwal

As we continue our tour around the southeastern Flanaess, we come to Onnwal. Described as having a meager army but strong fleet, the article in Dragon 57 fortunately provides great detail for our purpose. Based on that information, we have the following proportions:

1 light infantry / 2 medium infantry / 4 militia

In Triumph! terms, the light infantry are Light Spear, the medium infantry are Raiders, and the militia are Light Foot (because they are being trained for several months, rather than just being untrained levies).

That gives us the following for Onnwal:

Iron League Onnwal

CY 576-580

Invasion Rating 1

Maneuver Rating 2

Home Topography: arable, hilly

General’s troop type: Elite Foot

Army Battle Cards: Fortified Camp

Required Troops

Troop TypesMinMaxBattle LineRestrictionsBattle Cards
Light Spear
Light infantry
Medium infantry
Light Foot
Trained Militia

Optional Contingents: No optional contingents available

Ally Troop Options

Iron Hills Dwarves

Troop TypesMinMaxRestrictionBattle Cards
Warband12CY 579-580Dwarven Troops
Elite Foot12CY 579-580Dwarven Troops

Enemies: Great Kingdom South Province, Great Kingdom See of Medegia, Great Kingdom, Scarlet Brotherhood

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