Armies of the Iron League Part Six: Irongate and the Iron Hills

Now we wrap up the last of the Iron League nations (not counting the Lordship of the Isles, which for various reasons I’m not including in this particular campaign), but this will definitely not be the last article concerning my Iron League Triumph! campaign. There are still battle cards to write up (including battlefield spells), monsters to deal with, and then the Great Kingdom has to take the field, so the Iron League has someone to fight.

Irongate and the Iron Hills are going to be a doozy, and there is a lot of overlap between the two, which is why I’m combining them. Heading back to Dragon 57, here’s the proportions of troops for the Free City itself:

1 light cavalry (scouts) / 5 regular infantry (marines) / 10 levied infantry / 10 light infantry (borderers and hillmen) / 40 dwarves / 15 gnomes

The reason the proportions seem so weird is because of the very small number of scouts. If you take them out, it looks much more reasonable:

1 regular infantry (marines) / 2 levied infantry / 2 light infantry (borderers and hillmen) / 10 dwarves / 3 gnomes

In Triumph! terms, the light cavalry is Bad Horse, the marines are Warriors, the levied infantry is Light Foot (because they are trained), the borderers and hillmen are both Raiders, while the dwarves are a mix of Elite Foot and Warband, and the gnomes are a mix of Light Spear and Skirmishers.

That gives us the following for Irongate and the Iron Hills:

Iron League Irongate/Iron Hills

CY 576-580

Invasion Rating 1

Maneuver Rating 2

Home Topography: arable, hilly

General’s troop type: Elite Foot

Army Battle Cards: Fortified Camp

Required Troops

Troop TypesMinMaxBattle LineRestrictionsBattle Cards
Bad Horse
Light Cavalry
Light Foot
Levied Infantry
24Hillmen troops
Elite Foot
26AllDwarven troops
26AllDwarven troops
Light Spear
13AllGnome troops
13Gnome troops

Optional Contingents

Troop TypesMinMaxRestrictionBattle Cards
Armored Crossbowmen
12CY 576-577, 580

Ally Troop Options

Iron Hills Dwarves

Troop TypesMinMaxRestrictionBattle Cards
Warband12CY 579-580Dwarven Troops
Elite Foot12CY 579-580Dwarven Troops

Ally Troop Options: Onnwal

Troop TypesMinMaxRestrictionBattle Cards
Light Spear
Light Infantry
12CY 578-580

Enemies: Great Kingdom South Province, Great Kingdom See of Medegia, Great Kingdom, Scarlet Brotherhood

(Irongate heraldry by Anna B. Meyer)

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  1. Thank you for this. I was only tangentially aware of the nifty Greyhawk army movement “history” in Dragons #56 through #whatever, but having read them now since you referenced them I’m geeked at how nifty and suggestive they were with relatively few words (and, yes, I realiize the irony of that phrase, given the author we’re talking about).

    I’ve never played genuine wargames before, but this series makes me interested in trying it out.

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