Armies of the Southern Great Kingdom, Part 2: Medegia

In my previous post, I went through the sources for our armies; the Great Kingdom proper, the See of Medegia, and South Province. Today, I’d like to go through one of my favorite places in the Flanaess, the See of Medegia.

Based on what we saw in the various sources, leaving out the mercenaries (which will come in as optional troops) we have the following proportions:

2 heavy cavalry / 3 light cavalry / 2 regular infantry / 5 levied infantry / 8 humanoids (orcs, etc.)

I’m assuming the “guards” that the Holy Censor has retained are in the same proportions as those troops, so it won’t impact the proportions (they each add up to approximately 6,000, which makes sense).

In Triumph! terms, the heavy cavalry are Elite Cavalry. The light cavalry are Bad Horse. The regular infantry are Horde, while the levied infantry are Rabble. There’s a problem with “humanoids” which, as far as I can tell, is never really defined, even though it comes up as a category in the encounter tables in the Glossography all over the place. So I am forced to use the “Humanoids” sub-table in Appendix C of the Dungeon Masters Guide, which gives us the following proportions of humanoids in Medegia (I’m using the plain terrain, since that is the majority of Medegia):

1 gnoll / 1 goblin / 1 hobgoblin / 17 orcs

You know what? I’m just going to call them orcs, because those percentages are just terrible to work with. I’m sure I’ll be able to use all those 15mm goblin miniatures I have when I get around to doing the Pomarj or Iuz or the Hateful Wars or something.

So the orcs are Heavy Foot (orc troops).

The Rel Astran allies are not very well defined; 2,000 “men” and 1,000 humanoids. I’m going to assume the men are poorly trained close order troops, so 2 Horde and 1 Heavy Foot (orc troops).

That just leaves us with the mercenaries at the command of the Holy Censor. We have a ratio of 1 mercenary cavalry to 7 mercenary infantry, but we do not know its type or quality. This is a toughie, because they could be either Bad Horse or Elite Cavalry. I’m going to go with Bad Horse in this particular case. I’m going to go with a mix of Light Foot and Raiders for the mercenaries. So for the mercenaries we get:

1 Bad Horse / 4 Light Foot / 3 Raiders

So now we’re ready to do an army list for Medegia, as before following the format of the Meshwesh website. This will show the options for standard Triumph. For Grand Triumph, just multiply the number of stands by the number of main army commands.

See of Medegia

CY 577-580

Invasion Rating 4

Maneuver Rating 1

Home Topography: arable, forest

General’s troop type: Elite Cavalry

Army Battle Cards: Pack Train and Herds

Required Troops

Troop TypesMinMaxBattle LineRestrictionsBattle Cards
Heavy Cavalry
Elite cavalry
Light Cavalry
Bad horse
Regular Infantry
Levied infantry
Heavy Foot
02AllOrcish troops

Optional Contingents: Mercenaries

Troop TypesMinMaxRestrictionBattle Cards
Light Foot
Mercenary infantry
Mercenary infantry
Bad Horse
Mercenary cavalry

Ally Troop Options: Rel Astra

Troop TypesMinMaxRestrictionBattle Cards
Heavy Foot
12CY 579-580Orcish Troops
Rel Astran Men
24CY 579-580

Enemies: Adri woodsmen, Sunndi, Hestmark Highlands, Glorioles

“Orcish Troops” battle card to come.

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