Armies of the Southern Great Kingdom, Part 3: South Province

Continuing on from the last post which covered Medegia, today I want to do a write-up of the armies of South Province. In the setting, the two armies are poised to perform an enormous pincers movement into the lands of the Iron League, giving the latter an enormous strategic problem to overcome, in addition to their great numerical inferiority to the invaders.

Looking at the sources we gathered in Part One, the Army of the South has the following proportions:

1 heavy cavalry / 1 medium cavalry / 2 light cavalry / 1 regular infantry / 2 mercenary infantry / 5 levies & noble contingents / 2 humanoids (various)

In Triumph! terms, the heavy cavalry (which is said to be “highly effective”) would be Elite Cavalry. The medium cavalry would be Bad Horse, but I’ll give them a battle card to distinguish them from the light cavalry, which is also Bad Horse. The regular infantry (which I’m presuming are the “native troops” which are noted as being unreliable) is Horde. The mercenary infantry is “exceptionally well armed and equipped”, so I’m putting them as Elite Foot. The levies and noble contingents need to be broken up; the levies themselves (again, unreliable native troops) would be Rabble, while the noble contingents would be Knights. I’d say there would be 4 Rabble and 1 Knights. Finally, I’m saying the various humanoids would be a mix of orcs and goblins; the orcs (as in Medegia) are Heavy Foot, while the goblins are Horde.

South Province

CY 577-580

Invasion Rating 4

Maneuver Rating 1

Home Topography: arable, hilly

General’s troop type: Knights

Army Battle Cards: Pack Train and Herds

Required Troops

Troop TypesMinMaxBattle LineRestrictionsBattle Cards
Elite Cavalry
Heavy cavalry
02AllMust have at least one elite cavalry or bad horse
Bad horse
Medium Cavalry
02AllMust have at least one elite cavalry or bad horseLancers
Bad horse
Light Cavalry
Regular Infantry
Noble contingents
Heavy Foot
12AllOrcish troops
12Goblin troops

Optional Contingents: Mercenaries

Troop TypesMinMaxRestrictionBattle Cards
Elite Foot
Mercenary infantry

Enemies: Almor, Sunndi, Idee, Onnwal, Irongate, Iron Hills Dwarves, Glorioles, Hestmark Highlands.

“Lancers”, “Orcish Troops”, and “Goblin Troops” battle cards to come.

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