Presenting the Swami

With plenty of spells and more gods, too!

This latest installment of Dragonne magazine contains two articles; first, “The Sagacious Swami” is a full treatment of the cleric sub-class which is native to Zihindia, the land beyond the Sea of Dust that I’ve been chronicling for a while. It includes more than 30 new spells (which any DM could, of course, just add to their regular AD&D campaign as clerical spells).

In addition there are two new deities of the Zihindian pantheon detailed, as well as a new monster, a cousin of the crocodile called the gharial (why it’s included here will be made plain once you read the entry on the goddess Hrisutra).

As usual, this installment of Dragonne is free, as it’s released under the Fan Content Policy. Of course, if you enjoy it and the other stuff I put out there for the Greyhawk community, you’re more than welcome to join my Patreon, or leave something in the tip jar, or just purchase some of my for-sale works on DriveThruRPG.

You can find the new file here. Enjoy!

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4 thoughts on “Presenting the Swami

  1. I just looked a bit at the Influencing Rakshasas, and , new Spells!
    I look forward to delving into this class!

  2. So theres a few things I’m curious about.

    What do the indigenous Zhindians look like?
    Are there still pure blooded suel? If so, where and in what occupations are they most common.
    Which of the suel gods are in the pantheon?
    Of the accepted duel gods, what major differences are there between as Zhindian & Oerik variations?

  3. Am a bit disappointed that each deity doesn’t have individual abilities for the swami.

    1. Much like the gods of the Flanaess, some do and some do not. Swamis of Hrisutra, Edthna, and Dhyamka, for instance, have access to a extra spells. Those of Akshara can cast an extra divination spell once per day. The individual abilities are listed under each deity, when they are present.

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