More Zihindian Gods, and Spells!

Hello all! Sorry it’s been so long since my last post, but I’ve been working on another Dragonne Magazine article about Zihindia, the land beyond the Sea of Dust in the World of Greyhawk. Two articles, actually; the first being a continuation of the Gods of the Zihindian pantheon, and the second being “Zihindia, Land of Illusion” which presents a whopping 32 new spells for illusionists. That’s 4 new spells per spell level, plus cantrips. I’ve always felt that illusionists got shafted when it came to their spell lists, and this I hope beefs them up with some interesting and useful spells.

Anyway, enjoy, and there will be more Zihindian material coming soon!

You can download the latest issue here.

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