New Video: Iconic Images of Greyhawk

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2 thoughts on “New Video: Iconic Images of Greyhawk

  1. Great video as usual Mr. Bloch, although I’m not sure D&D has any places visually iconic enough for people to recognize. When I think of iconic D&D imagery, it has to do with people rather than places, like images of Drizzt Do’Urden or Raistlin Majere.

    If I had to pick a specific place that screams “Greyhawk” to me, it would probably the Temple Of Elemental Evil and its iconic exterior. The Gothic exterior and dark storm clouds really stand out in my mind, and it’s probably as close to a megadungeon as we’ve ever gotten in Greyhawk.

    While the moat house could easily be the start of a Greyhawk-style campaign, so would the Keep on the Borderlands, and if I were using the moat house I’d probably use it as a jumping off point for a larger ToEE campaign. This probably comes from my only being exposed to the moat house in the larger ToEE adventure completed by Frank Mentzer, but I only really think of it in the context of the Temple.

    1. Good thoughts! Yeah, my mind went immediately to the image of the Temple of Elemental Evil from the cover of T1-4. But I love the idea of the Moathouse, too. That aerial view of the Ruins of the Moathouse is fantastic!

      Another option, along the lines of people rather than places, would be Snurre, King of the Fire Giants 🙂

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