New Video: How to Start a Greyhawk Campaign

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3 thoughts on “New Video: How to Start a Greyhawk Campaign

  1. This is insane I just started a 3.5 Ed campaign in Greyhawk for my kids ages 8, 6, 4. I used Hommlet as their starting village and the HackMaster version of B1 as I felt it was more fleshed out. You just have to remove some of the zany stuff and gloss over some other aspects. The HM version of B2 is next as well as the Hommlet vicinity.
    -Boring Norm

      1. That you posted this video just as I was starting out a new campaign and we had many of the same ideas. I am using Hommlet for the map and some NPCs, only. They are starting in a small village in The Yeomanry League because of the KotB = Kendall Keep retcon. I located the village to the north of Westburn off the beaten path. I figure their government will be easier to grasp and I can proceed slowly as they learn the basics.

        Anyway, cool. I like the resources. I thought long and hard about what system and what world I was going to use. A couple weeks ago when Boy #1 started reading, the time seemed right to start their first campaign.

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