New Free Upload – T0 Journey to Hommlet

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I just got back from ShireCon 2021, where my latest addendum to T1-4 The Temple of Elemental Evil debuted. I had a good group of players, including Jeffrey Talanian of Hyperborea fame, but alas the game ended in a TPK. But perhaps your own players will have a different experience as they make their way from Narwell to the Village of Hommlet, and this module will let them do just that.

The concept of the module is that the PCs will have an opportunity to learn about the various factions active in the Temple, and get them used to the general idea that they can work them against each other.

You can download the file here. Enjoy!

Update (9/20/21): The file has been updated to correct an (important) typo. Please download the new version.

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14 thoughts on “New Free Upload – T0 Journey to Hommlet

  1. I like your approach to low-level wilderness adventure. I’ve often found it challenging to develop something with a balance of realism, danger, but survivability for the earliest levels without channeling them through something highly predictable like a dungeon. The use of obvious trails and paths helps.

    Another excellent augmentation to the canonical setpieces, and I’m likely to use it when I kick off my old school Hommlet campaign next year!

  2. Once again you spoil us, Mr. Bloch. This is magnificent.

    You have everything from the continuity references to the original TOEE modules to the little details like the poorly trained Verbobonc levies to even the same format and font of Gary Gygax’s old classics.

    You are an artist, and the World of Greyhawk is your canvas.

    1. Half-elf ranger, human cleric, human thief, and human M-U, all 1st level.

      They were doing really well in the Watchtower until they switched from stealth to “kick in the door and attack” mode. Willie got a lucky back-stab on the ranger, then the rest of the bandits started coming in from behind.

  3. This is fantastic! I can’t wait to use this in my upcoming GH campaign. I’ve found all the material you’ve posted useful for expanding the classic campaign/modules and plan to put them to use, so know that your work is greatly appreciated!

    1. Well, the original Village of Hommlet module says “First of 2 Modules”, but that ended up being T1-4. Plus there is this, and Beneath the Temple of Elemental Evil, so I figured it was easier to just fudge and say 3+. 🙂

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