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In last week’s YouTube video, I talked about the different personality traits that are associated with the various human racial types in the Flanaess (Baklunish, Flan, Oeridian, and Suel). But then I remembered the table in the original Gold Box that gave a racial breakdown for many of the lands of the Flanaess, so you’d know, for example, that the people of Nyrond were of strong Oeridian stock with a minor strain of Suel running through them as well.

I decided to take those two ideas and merge them together into a bunch of tables, so that you could assign those racial personality traits to NPCs based on their place of origin. First I filled in the missing realms from the table on page 14 of the Guide to the World of Greyhawk, and then assigned percentage weights to the various combinations. Then using Excel I turned those into weighted averages for the various personality traits I had identified with various human stocks.

The result is the tables in the attached pdf copy of an article from the pages of the fictional Dragonne Magazine. I think they could be very handy for putting together an NPC on the fly.

Enjoy! You can download the article here.

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  1. The total percentage is only 59.9%. Did you make a mistake?
    Anyway, this looks great! Not currently playing a Greyhawk campaign, but I’ve been collecting your free downloads because they will serve as a great resource in the future. Cheers.

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