Magic Shields of the Flanaess

It’s that time again – yet more Greyhawk goodness from the pages of Dragonne magazine, my alternate-universe magazine where Gygax never left TSR and Gygaxian Greyhawk material kept on flowing. This time, we have a companion piece to the Swords of the Flanaess article from last July; Three Magic Shields of the Flanaess.

All are suitable for your campaign (be it Greyhawk or not), and give some idea of how you can liven up magic items with some history to connect them to the setting.

You can download the pdf here.

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2 thoughts on “Magic Shields of the Flanaess

  1. Very enjoyable read. Takes me back to my days as a young DM and reading Dragon magazines to find new stuff to surprise my players.

  2. Really good article, just like the old days of Dragon Magazine. A great read this morning.

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