Giant Abyssal Crab Spiders

One of the most-anticipated projects I’ve ever worked on is my forthcoming Q2 Web of Souls, which is intended to function as a substitute for the (in my opinion) disappointing Q1 Queen of the Demonweb Pits. In my conception, the PCs are in Lolth’s domain to finish the imprisonment of the Elder Elemental God, acting as Lolth’s patsies, but in the process learn of her own plans to invade the Flanaess, and must then try to stop them both.

The module is right on track to be delivered this March, but I thought you all might enjoy a sneaky peaky of one of the monsters that populates Lolth’s web in the Abyss. It’s based on a real-world critter called the crab spider, but taken a bit more literally. Oh, and they fly, too (in the real world; just think what they do in the Abyss!).

So without further ado, I present to you the Giant Abyssal Crab Spider. Enjoy!

Spider, Giant Abyssal Crab

MOVE: 12”/15”*9”
% IN LAIR: 80%
DAMAGE/ATTACK: 1-8/1-8/1-12
SPECIAL ATTACKS: Poison, sheet web
ALIGNMENT: Chaotic evil

Giant Abyssal crab spiders are truly horrific. Not only are they sheep-sized spiders with a heavy exoskeleton and massive foreclaws, but they have a unique ability to spin a sheet-like web which can be used to fly along the chaotic air currents of the Abyss (or the Prime Material Plane, if they happen to be brought to that plane through some means).

Crab spiders attack with their heavy foreclaws and bite, which is poisonous. Those bitten must make a saving throw vs. poison or fall into a deep coma for 1-6 turns. Once per round it can spin a sheet web. This web can either be used as a sort of “wing” to pick up a breeze and allow the spider to fly (agility class E), or to cover an enemy, equal to the 2nd-level magic-user spell web, but with a 16” total volume.

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4 thoughts on “Giant Abyssal Crab Spiders

  1. Don’t know how much of a minis guy you are, but if you haven’t seen them already, Mortal Arrow Miniatures makes quite a nice range of the more exotic arachnids that showed up in the original Q1. The really big ones are a bit pricey but still worth a look:

    Also some quite nice myconids, a small range of tribal trolls, and the best flail snail mini ever made, amongst other things. Undeservedly obscure caster IMO.

      1. Putting that in perspective, the largest of those metal bugs is about 5″ long and over 4″ wide, and costs about $35. Similarly sized plastics from Reaper run between $25 and $40. Games Workshop charges the same amount for a ~1″ tall character model made of plastic that costs about 10 cents to manufacture.

        So yeah, it’s more than I’d personally pay for a fairly obscure monster fig, but it’s not an unreasonable price in today’s market by any means.

  2. Hi, Joe!

    I really am looking forward to this. Real life is such that I do not get to keep up with things like I would like, but I will be keeping my eyes peeled for Q2’s release. (I am thankful for your email reminders, as well, so that I can see what I missed when I check the inbox every few days.)

    Happy Greyhawk gaming!

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