Mythic Americas Miniatures (and Olmans!)

I’m always on the prowl for figures that I can use in my Greyhawk game. In particular, I keep an eye out for lesser-seen types of figures to represent Olman, Touv, and other non-European-based characters. So when I saw these miniatures for the Mythic Americas skirmish game at my local FLGS (Mythicos Studios), I took notice, and a few photos. As you can see, these figures paint up spectacularly.

Obviously in the World of Greyhawk, the Olman culture is loosely based on an amalgamation of various Central American civilizations, rather than a single one. The name recalls the Olmec people, while the artwork in the first module that features the Olmans seems very heavily influenced by Mayan and Aztec architecture. Based on the deities that are named, they mostly worship Aztec gods, but there is one Mayan god mentioned (Camazotz), and one or two that are unique to the Olmans. This is later explained (in The Scarlet Brotherhood) by the fact that the Olman gods originated on other worlds. On the whole, I could see using Aztec and Mayan figures to represent Olman characters.

The Mythic Americas game has a website where you can find more photos, plus links to purchase the figures and rules.

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3 thoughts on “Mythic Americas Miniatures (and Olmans!)

  1. The werejaguars are the best. The spider sisters are a close second. Thanks for highlighting this company. I hope they do well.

  2. SIIIGH…

    This info would have been useful a couple of months ago… 🙂 I’m running my players through “Dwellers of the Forbidden City” in my Greyhawk campaign and I had to use “cave men” miniatures to stand in for Olmec headhunters in the jungles on their way to the lost city. Arrghh… Thanks for the heads up, though.

  3. Their designs are impressive but if you are on a figure budget try the Frostgrave Tribal box or Lucid Eye’s Savage Core line.

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