Presenting the Guru

For the finale in my series of articles on Zihindia, the land beyond the Sea of Dust, I am pleased to present the Guru split-class. Swamis with high ability scores are able to split into the Guru class (much as thieves can split into the thief-acrobat split class). Gurus pay more x.p. for levels, but make up for it with special powers and the ability to cast illusionist spells.

You can find the article here. Enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “Presenting the Guru

  1. it seems the last line of the first paragraph is missing something:

    “saving throws vs. mental attack (charm, sleep, illusion, etc.), and”
    and what?

    Also you say in the 2nd paragraph that guru’s gain illusionist spells starting at 9th level, but the table starts at 6th.

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