Renard Morgow, Fiendhunter

It is no secret that the central regions of the former Great Kingdom are a haunted ruin. Ruled by the mad undead Overking Ivid, the place is home to both fiends and the undead. The people who remain are a shattered, terrified people, trying desperately to not be noticed by the evils that stalk the land.

One man, Renard Morgow, fights a lone war against this evil. Without benefit of spells or innate powers, he travels the countryside, protecting the weak and fighting the evil. Morgow, or as the locals style him, “Sir Renard” (even though he maintains he was never formally knighted and thus remains free of the taint of a feudal obligation to the Overking, no matter how distant) refuses great treasures, giving any wealth he discovers to those locals who had been oppressed by whatever evil had horded the coin. His coat of arms is a mailed fist on a field of blue and white

Morgow was at one point captured by one of the Marshalls of the Demonic Knights of Doom and subjected to the Endless Death, but was subsequently rescued by the thief Yrlas, whom he made his “honorary squire” in thanks. Yrlas is much less committed to the fight against evil than is Morgow, but has his own reasons for despising the Overking and his minions, so the two have become good friends and make a good team, albeit acting from very different motives.

“Sir” Renard Morgow

13th level human cavalier, neutral good, 67 hit points, MV 6” (foot) or 12” (mounted), AC -8 (full plate + shield)

S: 17/87, I: 15, W: 13, D: 16/44, C: 16/26, Ch: 15

Proficient in: lance, horseman’s mace, broad sword, dagger, horseman’s flail, long sword, bastard sword, scimitar

Special abilities:

  • +3 to hit with lance when mounted
  • +13 damage with lance when mounted
  • Strikes as 14th level with all weapons when mounted
  • +1 damage with lance when dismounted
  • +2 to hit with broad sword
  • +2 to hit with horseman’s mace
  • Attack three twice per round with lance (mounted), broad sword, and horseman’s mace
  • Parry
  • 98% unlikely to be thrown from saddle when mounted
  • Immune to fear
  • Radiate protection from fear 1” radius
  • 90% immune to mind-affecting magic
  • +2 on saving throws vs. illusions
  • Function until -11 h.p.
  • Heal additional 1-4 hit points per week of rest

Notable Possessions

  • Full plate armor +2
  • Shield +2, spell turning (as per the ring)
  • Broad sword +2, +3 vs. undead
  • Horseman’s mace +1
  • Lance +1
  • Ring of free action
  • Iron flask (Morgow uses the flask to entrap powerful fiends so he can release them at a time and place of his choosing in order to destroy them)

In addition, Morgow will have several potions and scrolls of protection on his person, including at least two potions of extra healing

Warhorse: “Lightmaster” heavy warhorse, MV 15” (12” with barding), AC 7 (3 with barding), HD 3+3; 24 h.p.; #AT 3; DAM 1-8/1-8/1-3, wears plate barding.


7th level human thief, neutral, 26 h.p., MV 9”, AC 1 (leather armor)

S 15, I 13, W 12, D 18, C 15, Ch 16

Proficient in: dagger, short sword, sling

PP: 70, OL 67, F/RT 55, MS 65, HS 73, HN 25, CW 94, RL 35

Notable possessions:

Ring of protection +3

Short sword +2 (+4 when backstabbing)

Sling of distance +1 (as the crossbow)

Ring of feather falling

Periapt of wound closure

Cloak of shadows (gives a +20% bonus to all attempts to hide in shadows)

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