Armies of Greyhawk – The Northeast Flanaess

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7 thoughts on “Armies of Greyhawk – The Northeast Flanaess

  1. thanks ^^

    • 500 light infantry with axe or
    sword wearing chainmail and

    Light infatry with chainmail wow…

    1. Normally light infantry would wear lighter armor, but since all of the infantry of the Frost and Snow Barbarians is of light type, those belonging to the personal retinue of the kings wear heavier armor. In this case, “light” refers only to their open formation.

  2. Troop lists is one of my favorite things about early GH. While I wasnt a wargamer at that age, it made me want to be one. These articles really bring back that nostalgic feeling.

  3. Awesome work, Joe. This is useful even to DMs and authors who aren’t otherwise wargamers.

    One question-how did you decide which real Scandiavian country to equate to which Barbarian nation?

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