Armies of Greyhawk – Sheldomar Valley, Part One

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2 thoughts on “Armies of Greyhawk – Sheldomar Valley, Part One

  1. For the population that he has, Geoff (65.000) has mobilized 15% of the population in humans. Not counting the levies or militias (25%).
    It is a state at total war.

    – 5,000 heavy infantry
    • 3,000 medium infantry
    – 1,900 light cavalry
    In addition to those regular troops, Geoff can raise substantial numbers of militia and levies if needed.
    • 6,000 light infantry
    • 1,500 light infantry

  2. When the Sea Princes have 5000 marines, is that 5000 marines and sailors or just marines? That is a huge difference when you look at the Caravels, Galleons and various Galleys they might employ. A Great Galley normally has 150 rowers/sailors and 50 marines. A Caravel has about 60 marines and sailors but can carry another 120 soldiers. Hmmmm……

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