Armies of Greyhawk – Sheldomar Valley Part 2

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5 thoughts on “Armies of Greyhawk – Sheldomar Valley Part 2

  1. March of Sedenna
    No number listed: light cavalry with lance, crossbow, and javelins, wearing padded or studded armor.
    Other than that it looks great.
    Any chance of doing the ships and naval forces too?

  2. As usual Joe, Mordenkainen has nothing on you in terms of wizardry.

    I always thought that the Flanaess states would have mostly abandoned peasant levies in favor of full-time armies. While full standing armies were too expensive for real medieval states, their D&D counterparts have a lot more to deal with in terms of humanoid and monster attacks, on top of everything real states had to deal with.

    If I’m a noble lord who derives most of his income from the work of Fred The Farmer and his ilk, why should I make Fred take time away from that to make him do something that only leaves him half-trained and is probably going to get him killed, when I could let him keep making me money and use some of that revenue to train and equip Steve The Soldier and his ilk? Steve and the rest of my troops are probably going to be better trained and motivated to fight than Fred and the other farmers. That way, the farmers can spend all their time on moneymaking activities, and live longer to boot. The soldiers may be killed in battle, but they’re more likely to survive than the farmers and they know that death is one of the risks of their jobs.

  3. I noticed under the Principality of Ulek, you refer to the leader as the Duke, should it be Prince? Thank you for putting these out, looking forward to Iuz and Furyondy.

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