Armies of Greyhawk – the North-Central Flanaess

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5 thoughts on “Armies of Greyhawk – the North-Central Flanaess

  1. This installment gives me joy as I work on my own Battle articles based on Gygax’s events from Dragon Magazine. As a DM, the troop lists for Iuz and Horned Society are a MUST HAVE.

  2. A couple of quick questions.
    Horned Society, under remainder of the host you have 9000 foot and 2500 cav xxxx. The 2,700 humans listed before detailing the types have 5,750 human troops listed of which 2,500 are Cav. You then list a total of 6,300 humanoids of which 300 are wolfriders. That is a total of 12,050 vs the 11,500 you have listed.
    It appears the 2,700 humans needs edited and the total numbers reconciled.
    The “Mighty Freehold” or “Freehold of Northkeep” Bandit kingdom got left out. Since it has 800 foot and 350 Cav it seems like an oversight. You have 16 Bandit kingdoms listed but there are 17 listed in Dragon magazine.
    With Iuz and the Horned Society having almost 60,000 troops it is a wonder that Furyondy didn’t fall in the Greyhawk wars.
    This is an awesome series of articles. I can’t wait to see the Northern Nomads.

    1. Thanks as always for your keen eye. 🙂 I’ve uploaded a new version of the file.

      One of the things I’ve noticed is that the size of the army doesn’t always count. Iuz, for instance, is fighting on multiple fronts. If he could amass his whole army in one hammer blow against Furyondy, he could indeed wipe them out. But doing so would mean abandoning all his gains elsewhere.

      1. Thinking about the war, Iuz took casualties taking over the Horned Society, more crushing the Shield Lands and was, no doubt harassed and ambushed while moving south in the Vesve forest. Plus the reinforcement of several thousand Veluna cavalry that came to the field before any other allies.

        As a separate thing the fleets are a secret manpower drain. The city of Hardby has 6 War Galleys with 40 marines per ship and 40 “trainees” at the city. That means they have 280 marines plus they need 900 sailors/rowers to operate those ships. Since there garrison is 100 cavalry and 150 infantry the “marine” element really gives you an idea of how much a large navy drains the manpower coffers.

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