Adventure Module R2 – Beneath the Great Rift

I’m pleased to announce that my latest adventure, module R2 – Beneath the Great Rift, is now available. This is a sequel to my R1 – Into the Great Rift, and follows the investigations of the PCs as they realize that the Derro outpost was just the beginning, and the adventure takes them into the tunnels and caverns of the underworld that run beneath the floor of the Great Rift.

Compatible with 1E and most OSR-type games, it is the second of 3 modules, and the third (Secret of the Great Rift) will be out in February.

You can find it here. Enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “Adventure Module R2 – Beneath the Great Rift

  1. Damn it Joe, how can you be so cruel as to drop so many tantalizing hints about what’s going on past S’lero and force us to wait another few months for the conclusion?!?

    Seriously though, this was awesome. Looking forward to the finale!

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