Some More Greyhawk Heraldry

Last year I used Inkwell Idea’s wonderful Coat of Arms Visual Designer to come up with some .png files of heraldry from the World of Greyhawk. These have the advantage of being sharp and scalable, which often isn’t the case with scans from the books. Now I’ve got the pro version and have been doing some more work in it, finishing up the images in GIMP when needed (such as adding the Iron League’s signature fret in the upper-right corner). Here are the results…



Duchy of Urnst:

County of Urnst:


Wolf Nomads:

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6 thoughts on “Some More Greyhawk Heraldry

  1. Mr. B,

    These are all beautiful. What textual sources were used? I recently did versions of some and came out with different layouts.

    I'm not well versed in heraldry (so the ones I made are probably incorrect), but I'm curious if there are different text descriptions in different source materials…

  2. I'm working off the images on the inside cover of the Guide to the World of Greyhawk Fantasy Setting from 1983 (the Gold Box). So these are the designs from CY 576. Some of them were changed as WotC advanced the timeline (for instance, when Sunndi went from being a County to a Kingdom).

  3. Thanks.

    I must've screwed up and used a text description from online or something. I intended to use Folio/Gazetteer – Furyondy is right there on the damned cover… I'm getting old…

    Thanks for posting these and the link to the program!

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